Covid Outdoor Exercise Stations

Members only

Starting 1st June 2020

We will be providing training sessions every day during lockdown for our Warehouse Gym Members. The sessions will include circuit stations and strength stations.  The sessions would be weather dependent, so if weather not appropriate, the sessions will be cancelled.

Myself and my staff decided it would be better if we man the area throughout the day, giving the 1 hour sessions a 15 minute change over so we can disinfect all equipment after use and ready for next person.

Therefore, each session is listed as 75 minutes with 60 minutes training and 15 minutes cleaning.


  • Mon – Fri time hourly time slots from 10am – 7pm
  • Sat & Sun 11-4pm


There would be 4 workout stations –
  • Circuits Stations 1 & 2
  • Strength Station 3 & 4


The sessions will be held in the car park. The area will be segregated into 4 areas, using barriers to maintain social distancing. There will be minimum training pieces of equipment to use during these sessions. One person for one segregated area at a time. Each session will be 60 minutes.

Each station will have anti-bac cleaning provisions.
Any questions, please contact us through our contact form.

Please select a session from the dropdown. Then continue to fill out the form as required. Thank you.